St Clair Community Church

Who We Are + What We Believe


St.Clair exists to share the love of Christ and make disciples in the Sherman neighbourhood, Hamilton and the rest of the world.


Centrality of Jesus
Jesus is central to who we are and what we do. His life, death and resurrection shapes our community and empowers us to love and serve others.

Discipleship is about us learning to be like Jesus in all aspects of our lives (heart, soul, mind and strength). It is not just a weekly meeting but a daily lived reality.

Living lives of mission
We are community called to join God in his mission. We don’t believe mission is just about going somewhere else but living in God’s story wherever we are.

Image Bearing
All humans are created in God’s image, and are therefore equal. We believe and try to practice that in the Kingdom of God no one receives preference on the basis of race, wealth, status, or position.

Church as family
We believe in going beyond community because church is a family. This means living in real relationships where we share in the beauty and mess of life.

Because of the example of Christ’s sacrifice we strive to be sacrificial with our time, energy and resources by faithful giving so in turn we can bless those outside the church.

Church Planting
We believe that the local church is called to make disciples. The best way to do that is to start other new local expressions of church. We believe that churches plant churches.

We hope to be a community that makes people feel welcome. Whether that is Sunday morning or through the week. We structure church so that is can facilitate hospitality. We encourage people to open their hearts and their homes to new people.

We believe that prayer works and is an integral part of being a Christian. Prayer is a core part of our church community and we started life as a prayer meeting. Prayer reminds us of our core identity that we are loved not because of what we do but who we are.


Matt Pamplin

Matt Pamplin — Pastor

Cat Greene

Cat Greene — Leadership Team

Joe Moran

Joe Moran — Worship Coordinator

Dave Knox

Dave Knox — Leadership Team