St Clair Community Church

Missional Families


Our missional families are the context for discipleship at St Clair.

We like to say it involves a weekly meeting but is much more than just a weekly meeting.  Missional families are the places where we seek to grow in deeper relationships with one another while serving together in places of need.  This most often involves meeting in each others homes, eating together, praying together, serving together, reflecting on scripture together and caring for one another.  We believe that being the family of God on mission together closely resembles the New Testament model of the early church.  Sunday mornings are not the exclusive focus of our community but rather we hold our Sunday gathering as a corporate celebration of our all smaller communities.

Find out more about the vision behind Missional families.

To connect with one of these smaller communities, our missional families, see the listings and contacts below or email David Arnold at [email protected].

St Clair
Thursday Evening
Main / Fairleigh

  • Phil and Joy Dehm

Church Plant Mish Fam
2nd & 4th Wednesday
Main / Gage

  • Matt Pamplin

Crown Point West
Saturday Morning
Barton / Ottawa

  • Joel and Anne Cumby

Monday Evening
Cannon / Gage

  • Chris and Tracy Poirier

Delta West
Sunday Evening
Ottawa / King

  • Will and Leanne MacLaughlin

Wednesday Evening
Sanford / King

  • Ryan and Michelle Wood

Sunday Evening
Barnesdale / Cannon

  • Aaron Weafer and Christina Karney

Monday Evening
Victoria / Stinson

  • Nathan and Katelyn Kirk

Thursday Evening
Hunter / Queen

  • Brian and Jenna Dexter

Thursday Evening
Upper Paradise / Mohawk

  • Joel and Miquela Roeleveld

Tuesday Evening
Victoria / Barton

  • Mike and Nadia Pett

Sunday Evening
Gage / Main

  • Craig and Miriam Cibirka

Monday Evening
Stirton / Barton

  • David and Jenn Arnold

Hamilton Beach
Tuesday Evening
Beach Blvd

  • Doug and Julia Veenstra