St Clair Community Church

Who We Are + What We Believe

VISION – WHY we exist 

St Clair exists to make disciples of Jesus by living as a family on mission in the Sherman neighbourhood, Hamilton and the world.


VALUES – WHAT defines us

STORY – knowing the narrative God invites us to be part of in Scripture

FAMILY – belonging as the family of God through covenant relationship to God and each other

MISSION – becoming the people of God through living out our kingdom responsibility

DISCIPLESHIP – learning to live the life of Jesus


PRACTICES – HOW we seek to live it

SCRIPTURE– engaging with God’s word to know the story we are a part of

PRAYER– tend to the presence of Jesus through silence and solitude 

HOSPITALITY – welcoming the stranger by sharing a meal together 

GENEROSITY – give freely of our resources as God has given freely to us

SABBATH – learning daily, weekly, yearly rhythms of rest and work  


Andrew Klumpenhouwer

Andrew Klumpenhouwer — Staff

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Dave Arnold

Dave Arnold — Staff

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Matt Pamplin

Matt Pamplin — Staff

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Dave Knox

Dave Knox — Leadership Team

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Craig Cibirka

Craig Cibirka — Leadership Team

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Doug Veenstra

Doug Veenstra — Leadership Team

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Elaine Moran

Elaine Moran — Leadership Team

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Jenna Rensink

Jenna Rensink — Leadership Team

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Michelle Wood

Michelle Wood — Leadership Team

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